Thanks Dan!

I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my fear of flying. I got home from Mexico not too long ago and for the first time ever I looked out the window during take off.. Never thought I would be able to do that :). Was much more pleasant (for me and my husband!). - Melissa G.


Thanks Connie!

I learned several new things about myself  and I truly needed to hear that inner message!!!!!

I enjoyed the whole hypnosis experience; I was relaxed and was able to go back to memories that I didn’t put much thought into.

To finally have time to just sit/lay down..... no worries about work , money , people...was refreshing! Yes, I need to do that more often.

Hypnosis was very useful because there were questions and moments that I never thought of.

I am encouraged with the specific words that evening ... “encourager, prayer warrior, confidence, God has  got my back”. They were powerful and specific to me. I truly needed to hear that since I have been feeling disconnected with my purpose, old friends/fellowship/support group and community.


I loved the fact that there was take home applications(not just a onetime thing that I might forget)... example cd’s and the color that I was given (wear more yellow/gold!...basically color...Im always wearing black)

Things that I can continuously work on...ei. NEED TO RELAX and go with the flow...and accept.


Michelle C


Thanks Connie!

For my first session with Connie, I was thinking that I had a pretty good idea of what I was going into.  Immediately, She put me at ease and soon had me so relaxed with myself I opened up to her and to myself about my past, my present and my wants for my future.
What I learned is that saying you're open is a far cry from actually being open minded.
Just one lesson I took away from the time I spent with Connie.
Rob. K.
Thanks Connie!
I wanted to send you a quick note to again say thank you for the amazing session.  I continue to feel the effects in ways I had not expected.  I have increased energy and a greater sense of well-being.  I feel completely recharged!  So, I don't know what the heck you did to me but keep that coming ;-)
Jan. G.

Thanks Dan!

This is a much overdue email of thanks so much for the guided imagery session!! I really wanted to wait until after I had my first big race experience to let you know of the progress I had!!

Here's a little blurb on how things have gone in the last few months!

I raced at Wasa- this was a horrible swim!!! But I truly believe it's because of the weather that day, they ended up shortening the OLY distance to 750m because the water was too cold. I had never swam in that cold of water ever before. I checked it out the day before but the weather got even colder the next day. I couldn't even feel my hands or make a fist when I came out of the water, I was really slow too. It had me really worried for GWN, but I got back at it had a good swim at Auburn bay which left me feeling way better!

Great white North- I took the opportunity to get in a practice swim at the lake which went really well, it was warm and I did a lap in decent enough time to get it done before the cut off! Race day I was nervous but kept reminding my self of the 'focus and power' and that I've swam the distance numerous times in the pool! I took the back of the pack, entered the water about 1min30sec after the start. I swam and by swam I mean I really front crawled the entire swim!!! I've never done that, I've always resorted to breast/back or doggy just to get it done. But I did it!!! It wasn't super fast, it took me 53 min but well under the 1hr10min cut off and it felt good!!! I've never said that about a open water swim before!! On a side note I went in with a goal of 6hr 30min and finished in 6 hr 13 min 41 seconds! :)

I'm super stoked about Ironman now, this is a great bench mark and has me very confident I will complete the swim in under the 2hr 20min cutoff! I know it's going to be alot more practice and work until then and I hope to keep building my confidence!

Thanks so much again for the session! It helped me get to where I never thought was possible with my swimming!

I hope you don't mind, i've passed on your website to a few other triathletes/ family members who are interested in the guided imagery/ hypnotherapy sessions! (and of course told them about my success since the session!)

Tera B.


Thanks Dan!

I approached Dan to help me with my mental preparation for Ironman as I believed that building my confidence would be key to my race day success.  As an Ironman competitor and avid athlete himself, Dan understood exactly what I was going through and could empathize with the feelings I was experiencing.  He patiently listened to my concerns, answered my questions, and created an individualized guided imagery session for me. 

When race day finally arrived, I was pleasantly surprised that the anxiety and nerves that I had experienced in other races was simply not there.  I was calm, confident and relaxed and couldn’t wait to get the adventure underway.  I was able to manage my emotions during the race especially during the most difficult times.  Not only did I finish race intact, I beat the time goal I had set for myself by 23 minutes!  I believe that spending time on mental preparation was critical to my success, and would recommend Dan’s services to others who have set athletic goals for themselves.  A consummate professional, Dan is enthusiastic, positive, and truly cares about being a part of his clients’ success.

Thanks Dan, see you for Ironman 2012 (I need a year off!)

Mike T.


Thanks Dan!

In Jan 2009 I decided for that I was going to race in the Ironman 70.3 event that was to be held here in August. This was a hefty goal because I could not swim and had a fear of deep water. I began working with a swim coach for obvious reasons and set my first goal as a Tri- this – tri which required me to swim 500 meters by the end of May. I barely made it through the event, stopping several times throughout the swim. After the event my coach told me that they felt I would not be able to swim 4 times this distance in an open water environment which was a devastating blow. After venting my frustrations a friend suggested that I try hypnosis and gave me Dan’s information. I was extremely nervous about the idea but decided I had nothing to loose.

At my first session Dan was very welcoming and did his best to make me feel comfortable despite what I may have felt like inside. He took the time to explain the process and reassured me that he would not be able to do anything I did not approve of. After my first session I saw an immediate change. I was aware of where I was when I was swimming but my heart was no longer racing just because I was in the deep end of the pool. The result was I was now able to focus on my technique as I was no longer gasping for air whenever I swam into deep water. Three weeks after this session I swam my first open water race. I now had the confidence I needed to continue towards my goal.

I met with Dan for two more sessions before my race in August. His program ensured that I stayed calm and focused on race day by providing techniques for me to harness my inner strength if things got tough. Both of these sessions were much like the first, Dan was willing to listen to my racing concerns and then do what he could in order to provide comfort for these issues, always looking for input from myself.

I am happy to say that I completed my race. Without Dan’s help I am certain that I would never have reached my goal as my fear of water would have continued to hold me back. On race day I was calm and knew what I had to do but also had the confidence of knowing I had the tools available should things get tough. I am looking forward to my next race, where ever that may be, and will not hesitate to turn to Dan for a boost in confidence.

Dan’s program is simple and effective. It does not require huge amounts of time but does have positive results should you allow it. I was once told racing is 40% physical, 60% mental. We work our bodies hard in training for these events, why not allow yourself to get an edge and work on your mental game as well!

Heather M.


I came to see Dan for guided imagery when I was training for my second Ironman triathlon (Ironman France).  While Dan focused on race performance enhancing skills which I used to great effect during the hardest parts of the race, I also found it very effective in counteracting some anxiety I had around the swim.  During training swims and in previous races, I had experienced mild to severe anxiety in open water to the point where it would sometimes cause a physical reaction which would last up to two minutes. I had tried various other methods to reduce the anxiety but nothing I had tried completely removed it.  After my session with Dan, during the actual Ironman swim, I experienced no hint of anxiety which I found incredible especially considering the swim distance, the open ocean and the jostling from other athletes.

I highly recommend Dan to any athlete who is looking for a way to enhance their performance in any sport or to assist with an anxiety that is getting in the way of their full potential.

Brian James